Dr. Norm Friesen is Associate Professor in Educational Technology at Boise State University. Dr. Friesen has been
developing and studying Web technologies in educational contexts since 1995, and is the author of several editions of books on the effective use of online instructional software and on the implementation of technical standards for educational resources. He is author of Re-Thinking E-Learning Research: Foundations, Methods and
Practices (Peter Lang, 2009), and also of the forthcoming monograph, The Place of the
Classroom and the Space of the Screen: Relational Pedagogy and Internet Technology
(Peter Lang, 2011). Supported by Social Science and Humanities Research Council
(SSHRC) scholarships and grants since 2003, Dr. Friesen is presently undertaking
funded research in media theory and in discursive psychology. He has published
widely, with articles appearing (for example) in Mind, Culture and Activity, International
Journal of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, AI & Society, and First
Monday. Dr. Friesen is also a member of the Canadian delegation to the International
Standards Organization subcommittee for Learning, Education and Training, where he
was co-author on a number of standards for collaborative learning systems. Dr. Friesen has held the Canada Research Chair in E-Learning Practices at Thompson Rivers University, and previously worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Communication at Simon
Fraser University, and as an adjunct or visiting faculty at Athabasca University, at the
University of Toronto, and the University of Innsbruck. His academic credentials include
Master’s degrees from the University of Alberta and the Johns Hopkins University,
and a PhD in Education from the University of Alberta.